1. Last Daze of an Empire
2. Affair Across a Crowded Room
3. Hey Lady
4. Own Your Own Again
5. She's Doing Time on the Line
6. Chance Encounter
7. Children Only Play
8. Old Soho
9. A Tree
10. Going Home

(1981) The first copy of Voices I got my hands on was vinyl because I couldn't find it on any other media. This was before the recent resurgence of vinyl in the form of a trendy retro medium. In the late 90s services like Spotify weren't even on the horizon, so I did it out of necessity.

Each of Murray's albums has a distinct sound, and while the only "bad" one he ever released was Sooner or Later, he was in his vocal and songwriting prime here - and Voices remains one of his best.


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