Nigel Lived (1971)



Say It Ain't So (1975)



Between Us (1979)



Voices (1981)



Find The Crowd (1981)

Shade (1982)



Restless (1984)



Sooner or Later (1988)



Wave (1992)



Innocence (1993)


Best of When You Are In Love (1993)


Pipe Dreams (1996)



Passion (2003)



Emotions (2005/6)




Perspective (200?)


Jesus Christ: Superstar (1971) Chess (1984) Cendrillon (2002)



Of note:


Murray Head has appeared on a great number of recordings not attached to known albums. To list all of them would be overwhelming to the casual fan.


I've sifted through his material and identified some highlights that I feel you might enjoy.


Please enjoy these vocal high points from varied collaborations, B-sides, obscure musicals and unreleased material. Many thanks to those who have helped collect this...

1978 - Woman I Love You


This song appeared only as a B-Side to the single 'Mademoiselle' and never was recorded on one of his albums. I think it may contain his most beautiful lyrics:


Woman I Love You <- Audio clip


Woman I Love you, thank God you are my friend:
A lover to, to free my soul... A mother at the end

Woman I Love you, you help me understand
the missing half that lurks in me and
needs a helping hand

There's so much more in you, for me still to discover
a longing that hasn't been, a longing that hasn't been
like any other...

Woman I Love you, it's so hard to let you go
I share your need for freedom,
But there's still so much more I need to know..

Woman I Love you, I know I'll never leave
I know your eyes, and what they give,
I live on the air you breathe...

And I only hope that I fulfill,
What you fulfill in me.
We're one and yet we're two
We're one and yet we're two...



1985 - "The Flying Devils" by Kasper Winding


Flying Devils is a Swedish film (De Flyvende djævle) that was released in 1985. The soundtrack featured music written by Kasper Winding and Murray Head, with Murray also providing, of course, vocals. Unfortunately, I have only the single "Please Don't Leave Me Now."


Side A:


1. Please Don't Leave Me Now
2. Ladies & Gentlemen: The Flying Devils
3. It's A Dream
4. Take This Heavy Load
5. Double Or Nothing

1986 - "Time the Musical" by Dave Clark


This is a musical concept album written by Dave Clark of the British group The Dave Clark Five.  Murray did at least one track, "We're the UFO" - the rest of the album contains the likes of Freddie Mercury, Sir Cliff Richard, Julian Lennon and others.


The show opened in London April of 1986 starring Cliff Richard and Laurence Olivier; there has never been a cast album recorded. We're the UFO is definitely not one of Murray's most noteworthy works, BUT, if you love hearing Murray wail out a song then his performance itself is quite enjoyable.



1. Born To Rock'n'Roll

2. Time Talkin'

3. Time

4. Music of the Spheres/Law of the Universe

5. The Time Lord Theme

6. The Charge

7. One Human Family

8. What On Earth

9. I Know, I Know

10. Your Brother In Soul

11. Case For The Prosecution

12. StarMaker

13. Time Will Teach Us All

14. I Object

15. In My Defense




1. Within My World

2. Because

3. Move The Judge

4. She's So Beautiful

5. Beauty, Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace

6. If You Only Knew

7. We're The UFO

8. The Theme From "Time"

9. Harmony

10. The Return

11. It's In Every One Of Us




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