1. Say It Ain't So
2. Boy On the Bridge
3. Boats Away
4. When I'm Yours
5. Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat
6. She's Such a Drag
7. Never Even Thought
8. Silence Is a Strong Reply
9. Don't Forget Him Now
10. You're So Tasty

(1975) Songs on Say It Ain't So were recycled from an abandoned musical called Atlantis, and to this day remains Murray's most famed release.

The title song 'Say It Ain't So' is repetitive and folkie; just try to get it out of your head after listening to it. Many covers have been done, but Murray escalates with each verse as the song progresses in a way no other can reproduce.

If you're only familair with his musical work, this album will throw a couple of surprises at you, with a staggering vocal range and unexpected softness never utilized in Chess or Superstar.

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