1. Pacing On the Station
2. Big City
3. Bed & Breakfast
4. The Party
5. Ruthie
6. City Scurry
7. When You Wake Up in the Morning
8. Why Do We have to Hurt our Heads?
9. Pity the Poor Consumer
10. Dole
11. Nigel Nigel
12. Miss Illusion
13. Religion
14. Junk


(1971) Nigel Lived is a brilliant work that creates the illusion that a person named Nigel wrote and performed the songs on the album. A portion of his life is catalogued through diary bits printed on the inside cover, and the songs inspired by specific diary entries.

The cover for the LP contains a collage of photos (including a topless girl) and excerpts from a seemingly real notepad diary. At the end of the album, there is a 'hidden track,' an unnamed cut that really isn't a song; rather it's supposed to depict Nigel's rapid progression toward insanity.

Quite simply, it's nuts. But nuts in that creative genius sort of way, sorta like Outkast's Andre 3000. I think the entire concept for this record is ground breaking, and hard to top. There are a few songs that I truly love, but I doubt everyone will enjoy this record. I really like Pity the Poor Consumer: I think that much more could have been made of that song... Murray jams out a terrific blues sound on one of the tracks, too.