10/07/2006 - Rumor has it Murray will release an album of NEW material in spring 2007. Yah, I'm skeptical too. He'll also be back in Montreal this Feb instead of during one of the warmer months. Guess I shouldn't complain.


06/29/2006 - I hope everyone enjoys the new look. Please be patient as I convert the entire site. May take years. :-)


04/25/2006 - Murray will appear in La Rose D'or Saturday, June 17th. See here for details.


02/16/2006 - Murray's performance at Club Soda was outstanding... Read my review.


03/12/2005 - www.manpower.fr, which is of course Manpower's French

site, has posted  some neat-o new ads that include a new and excellent

sounding version of Murray's Never Even Thought. Check it out: The videos are along the top of their home page ->

- Yet another compilation album has been released, called Emotions.

  I believe it's Europe only, but I'm sure Amazon will ship it wherever you like.


- Where is Diminishing Perspective? I still don't know. As soon as the producer of the

  record updates me, I'll let you know. This will be the first release of 'new', well at least  

  previously unheard, material since 1996's Pipe Dreams. Sit tight!


01/29/2005 - Scott Kuchler of Fluxedo Arts has created a site to relay updated info on the release of Diminishing Perspective & the subsequent musical production:     http://groups.myspace.com/diminishingperspective


12/10/2004 - Release date and information on Murray's new album Diminishing Perspective 

                   See my Diminishing Perspective page!

11/02/2004 - I'll soon have updates regarding the release of Diminishing Perspective. Scott Kuchler of Fluxedo Junction has been working with Murray Head and Barry Dennen to release an album of material they had written and recorded about 30 years ago.

More to come shortly...

10/03/2004 - Forget my previous entry: Go to http://www.lestival.net/ for info on Murray's October 7th appearance.

08/15/2004 - Go to http://www.lestival.com/ for information on Murray's upcoming appearance at L'estival in Poissy, France.

I think - and don't quote me on this - that he is playing on October 7th.

Best part is, I didn't make up the word "Poissy."

07/28/2004 - Click here to see photographs from the July 10 Festival de Mirande in, of course, France...

06/06/2004 - Word has been kicking about for real since March that Chess is on its way back to the USA, but in what way? Broadway, a tour? We now know for sure that Chess will be staged at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, the very same place the American Idol finale took place, in August 2005.

Whether this production opens the door to a Broadway staging or a tour, it's still fantastic news for Chess fans! Check out the Kodak's site for more information.

05/21/2004 - Murray will be appearing at Quai Farconnet, 07300 Tournon France on June 12. There are also 3 other concerts listed at Infoconcert.com. Check out their site for schedules and ticket availability.

02/06/2004 - Murray has announced that he will be appearing at House of Live on March 22, 2004. Both classic and NEW material is to be presented according to House of Live, so please visit their site for details... http://www.houseoflive.com

11/03/2003 - I'm updating everything level by level, bear with me... E-mail me with opinions as always. =)

07/23/2003 - During the concert @ La Java, Murray apparently made a statement indicating a new album with new material might be in the works. Word is that Murray sang very well and that the show was quite enjoyable. He sang about 24 songs. Unfortunately, it also seems his official website that was in the works, no longer is. Oh well, Jeannick and I have that covered on both the English and French fronts... Jeannick's site.

Also, this October, the musical Cindy is set to be released on DVD. Logically Murray should be on it, but we'll see.

06/13/2003 - I've been asked to display this info: Murray will be appearing at La Java, located @ 105 rue du Faubourg du Temple, 75010 Paris on July 4th, 2003 @ 9:00PM. tickets are on sold in Fnac, Virgin, Galeries Lafayette and BHV. Tickets are approximately 17 Euros. (this is, of course, not official information, so please be sure to get all the details before buying. That's all the disclaimer you get!)

05/21/2003 - It seems Murray has bought his own domain and is developing an official website. This shall prove interesting - perhaps it will inspire me to do more with my own!

05/20/2003 - I apologize for the lack of, well, anything. I closed the site down for a while, got complaints over that and put it back up. To sum up the last 4 months, I've been going thru a divorce and have now fallen in love... So my time has been devoted to more important things... But still I'm determined to add to the site!

01/31/2003 - Once again I'm reworking things. Changing artwork and adding new content. Check back often!

01/04/2003 - It seems the "new" album released was Passions, so instead of something new we have re-mastered versions of Murray's own picks. Wonderful new version of "Sorry I Love You". Worth it just for that, but still have to hope for something with new material;-)

Murray is currently in Cindy in France, but word has it that the show will be closing doors. I'm not sure if it will ever make it to Quebec as originally planned. A Cindy Live 2 disc set is now available & selling quite well. Cindy Live.

Also, about 2 or 3 weeks back, rumor is that during a Cindy curtain call, Murray took an unintentional sailor dive off the stage and landed in the audience. I guess he was unscathed :-)


03/25/2002 - Check out my new Musicals Page! I've changed the look, and added the new musical Cindy. I do not have a Cindy page (and sounds) as of yet, but I'm working on it. For those of you who have heard it, you may not all agree whether the music is good, but you certainly can't deny Murray is sounding great these days!

Also, I apologize for the glitch-ey buttons on the bar to the left. I completely messed up the mouse over GIF's.


03/20/2002 - A poster here, a blurb there... It seems as if Murray may be releasing a new album soon? We shall see..

08/10/01 - I've been remodeling my home, and accordingly have been neglecting this site. A lot of the videos are still not working, and there isn't much I can do about it at the moment. I am, however, feeling artistic so as you can see the site is changing shape & colour. Drop me an e-mail to let me know what you think!

Also, WWW.VOICEPRINT.CO.UK claims to have shipped me a CD nearly a month ago, and as of yet it has not arrived. I'm beginning to get concerned. Any US citizens have any experiences with Voiceprint that they would like to share? E-mail me.


05/24/01 - Well, it seems like the folks at Amazon have pulled most of the albums they were once advertising. I had a couple on order, including Voices, and now it seems it's no longer going to be available... I have no idea why it was decided not to release them. If anyone knows why, please contact me.

04/17/01 - I am hard at work pulling more & more stuff off of Yahoo, but there is a ton of work involved in both moving files and renaming hyperlinks. Therefore, certain links or pages may be unavailable until I am able to repair them. Also, folks at the TDH message board say that Murray is in Quebec for a few weeks filming a movie. 

04/16/01 - Restless added to the solo albums section. I'm still waiting for Voices. Amazon claims it's not been released, even though their own site states it was made available on April 9th. Also, I have purchased The French Woman. 

03/25/01 - It seems that the release dates for Murray's albums keeps getting pushed out.. Oh well.... I'm playing around with different looks for the site.. Please give me feedback!

03/21/01 - I am tired of battling technical issues with Geocities.com (yahoo!), so I'm gradually moving stuff off off their servers. All the pics on my photo page are now hosted elsewhere and should be 100% working. It seems that they don't like their pages to be linked from other ISP's... 

03/15/01 - I'm currently working on pages for Wave and Restless, both recent additions to my collection. I also plan to add video clips of VH1's Where Are They Now - and new sound clips: Find The Crowd, Restless and When You're In Love have all had songs added.   

03/15/01 - Innocence, Restless, Nigel Lived, Pipe Dreams, Sooner or Later, Voices and a new Greatest Hits are all set to come out on March 26th (April 2 for some). WooHoo! Check out Amazon's site to order!

02/11/01 - www.amazon.co.uk is now allowing preordering on several Murray rereleases that are due out on March 26th. The track listing for the new Greatest Hits album is as yet unknown.